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Scenic Concepts:
Scenic Concepts was started in 1978 in La Crosse, WI. As we enter our 35th year, we are now the largest aerial photography company in the country, covering 34 states. We have by far, the finest quality photos and frames in the market place.

What we do:
We photograph farms, ranches, businesses and homes from the air using single engine aircraft.
The film is then shipped back to our home office where it is processed and then printed into "16x20" color prints. The photographs are then packaged and along with oak frames are then shipped out to our regional sales staff of over 100 people.

Profile of a dealer

Our dealers are all independent contractors. We furnish the completed photos, frames and point of purchase material at no cost. The dealers are responsible for their own expenses, transportation and a small storage area for inventory.
We have dealers from all across America and from diverse backgrounds. Direct sales experience is helpful but not necessarily needed. The one common denominator amongst our dealers, and the most important one, is that they all enjoy what they do. In order to qualify as a dealer, you must pass our thorough background check, including criminal and credit history. Hands-on product training is provided by one of our "seasoned" salesmen.

What an average sales day consists of:
Our sales people call on roughly thirty prospects per day. The prospects will almost always be within a five mile radius of each other. Our sales calls are very casual and can take anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes. Our customers are generally unaware of the fact that we are coming or that the photo has been taken. However, because you have a completed 16x20 framed photo with you, most customers will at least want to see the photo. The key to success is to get the picture in your customer's hands. Because you will leave the photo with the customer at the time of the sale, an unsatisfied customer is very rare.
Most of our salespeople work four twelve hour days. The reason for the long days is that evenings are very important in finding people at home.

Earnings potential:
One of the major reasons good people join our staff and make aerial photo sales their career, is that it can be very lucrative. Many of our top producers average over two thousand dollars per week in commission. This is a very unique sales job in that if you don't make the sale to that customer, it is lost. Therefore, we have a great incentive to make sure all of our dealers are successful.


For Career Opportunity Information
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