About Us

Established in 1978, Scenic Concepts has over 45 years of experience in aerial
photography. From a small operation out of the original owners garage to today’s
larger streamlined business, we are the top aerial photography company that
customers trust to offer a quality product that they can cherish and pass on to
family for years to come.

Aircraft and Camera Equipment

Scenic Concepts uses small, single engine, high wing aircraft such as Cessna 172s
and 182s. By continuing to take photos in this manner, we are able to efficiently
cover more areas and ensure quality photos taken from a safe altitude of 600 –
700 ft.

In 1978 we were one of the first companies to use a large format camera, the
Mamiya 645. Up until 2006 all of our photos were produced from film. At that
time we decided to make the switch to digital photography. Today we use 30
megapixel, state of the art, digital cameras with image stabilizing telephoto

Photo Processing

We house our own state of the art photo processing equipment to ensure we are
offering our customers the highest quality photos. Our lab prints up to 250 –
16×20 photos per hour on high quality photographic paper (Silver Halide).

Why Silver Halide? Not all print processes are alike.

Silver Halide is a 100 year old dark room technology using light-sensitive paper and silver based chemistry, a process which has been constantly refined over time. Silver Halide photographic prints are one of the most archival forms of printing photos and preserving memories.


All of our frame options are milled and assembled in the USA. We prefer to use
locally owned or smaller operation companies to source our frames. Supporting
other small businesses like ours is important to us.

Archived Photos

We have the largest inventory in the USA of color negatives and digital aerial
photographs. From 1978 – 2006 we maintained an archive of color negatives
which we still have today. Our digital photographs are archived on hard drives
and discs. We continue to maintain these for our customers to be able to locate
past photos of properties they may have sold or recently bought.

If you would like to request a research into photographs of a property, please visit
our Historic Farm Photos website linked below. Note that you are not able to
view your photos online. You will have to submit a research request and then our
research team will search our archives.

Go here for archived photo research